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Gift Ideas For Priests - and other Clergy

Surprise your Priest or Clergy Member with a wonderful commemorative keepsake gift - retirement, ordination anniversary, Christmas and more

Clergy Gifts - Priest, Bishop, Deacon, NunIf you want to buy your Priest, Deacon, Pastor, Bishop or other clergy member a gift which has religious significance and commemorates their ordination anniversary, birthday, retirement, says thank you, then you're in the right place.

Featured here are many unique and practical gift ideas for Priests (men and women and other members of the clergy). These include milestone ordination anniversaries such as silver or golden jubilee. View the full range of unique Priest gifts here. 

Commemorative and Practical gifts for Priests

Priest Golden Jubilee 50th Personalized WatchGifts for Priests available from my Zazzle store include personalized watches, journals, blankets, rosary bead boxes as well as practical stationery items and ornaments.

They all have text template fields that can be edited to suit the exact number of years ordained (or other occasion) and space for a name, dates and you can if desired add some scripture, a verse or personal greeting. 

I have created a number of commemorative watches for Priests featuring a cross and other religious images as appropriate. To view the items clearly click on the image.
Priest Anniversary 15th 20th 25th 30th 40th 50th Ceramic Ornament
You can choose from many different watch styles when you enter the Zazzle store. They have a wide range to suit all tastes, both modern and vintage.
Decorative stained glass themed ornaments are a popular and cost effective choice for a Priest gift and include text commemorating milestone anniversaries, 10th, 15th 25th, 50th (Silver and Golden Jubilee) and more.
Both sides of the ornament can be edited. You can add a photo, commemorative message, Bible verse, religious scripture or other as desired to the other side.

Personalized Stationery Gifts for Priests

I have created a wide range of stylish yet practical office stationery gifts that your Priest can use while performing his religious duties. Items include:
Deacon Ordained Ordination Gift Commemorative Clipboard
You can view those HERE

Unique Gifts For Priests That Won't Gather Dust 

Golden Jubilee 50th Priest Anniversary Ordination
Priests receive many religious themed gifts each year, including icons, religious art work and verses which they appreciate but which can accumulate.
I have read of one Priest who has many storage boxes filled with such gift items. If you want your gift to be seen, enjoyed and not gathering dust in a dark closet, check out this list for inspiration.
I have my top 5 Gifts For Priest followed by Golden Anniversary of Ordination Gift Ideas and more.

Personalized Journal For A Priest

Priest Gift Golden Jubilee Personalized Journal

Many Priests enjoy keeping a journal, details of sermons, important visits, ceremonies, favorite verses and so on. As such an attractive journal is a practical gift which will be enjoyed. If the journal is personalized with a name, inscription and so on, it has the added value of being a keepsake. The cover may be personalized with a name, personal message, date of celebration etc. If the gift is for a Priest's Golden Jubilee for example you can add the date of ordination and the anniversary date.

Personalized Playing Cards

Many Priests enjoy a game of cards and as such a personalized deck is a great idea to commemorate a special occasion. The gift is functional, fun and makes a great keepsake!
You can add your own image to the front as well as editing the text template fields.
Add a special inscription to commemorate the occasion.

A Gift Card

A gift card may seem impersonal but it is a great way to allow your Priest to buy something he / she really wants or needs. They are always appreciated and are less impersonal than giving money.
The value varies and you can find something to fit your budget. These can be given via email or sent with a card.

Stained Glass Design Jigsaw Puzzle Priest Gift

Priest Ordination Anniversary Gift Custom
Stained Glass Window Jigsaw Puzzle personalized with the Ordination Anniversary details of your Priest. A fun gift, unusual and a great keepsake! The stained glass window offers a great challenge to fans of Jigsaw puzzles and there are more in this range.

Click on the images to view the full range of Priest 

Funny Gifts For Your Priest

Your Priest does have a sense of humor too, so don't be afraid to buy something that is funny. Stay away though from controversial topics which he may find embarrassing. Other suitable gifts include gift certificates, other items related to his/her hobbies. If your Priest enjoys music (many do) an iPod, Musical CD or other music themed gift may be appreciated.

Photo and Named Priest Gifts

The Priest Gifts featured on this page can in many cases be customized by changing the text or you can add a photo. In some cases you can also replace the photo /image with one of your own and change the background colors. You can edit the text to include the Priest's name, date of ordination, number of years ordained and so on. Also featured here are more generic religious Christianity themed gifts including books, plaques and more. Personalized Rosary bead boxes are very popular as a Priest Gift.

What to gift your Priest who is retiring, moving on to pastures new?

(Note: the personalized Zazzle gifts linked have text template fields whereby you can edit the occasion, names, dates, years in service and any religious quotes, verses etc. So do LOOK at all regardless of niche occasion product titles).

Priests receive a great many gifts from their parish members throughout their religious life. Gifts include Bibles, icons, plaques, rosary beads and boxes and many other religious themed items which can over the years mount up creating box loads of Priest gifts. And though they appreciate these many gifts it does make it difficult to display, store and when leaving a Parish a challenge to pack up and transport. With this in mind, there are alternative gift options for a Priest who is leaving the parish which he or she will be delighted to receive as they are both commemorative and practical. Practical being the operative word here.

Cash , a cheque, a donation to the church and a prayer are always welcome as are consumables which do not require any storage. These might include food and wine gift baskets, a voucher for a day at the golf course or a gift certificate.

Practical Keepsakes make great leaving gifts A journal or planner for your Priest which has been personalized to reflect your appreciation and his years in service to your community is one such idea. They will have many reasons to make entries in such a planner or journal in their new ministry. Appointments, sermon notes and more. Let's take a look at a varied range of Priest journals and planners which cover all budgets. Gifts are available via Zazzle (can be personalized) and Amazon. 

What gift to buy a Priest who is retiring?

Retired Priests often continue to be of service in their community offering spiritual and practical guidance, so in this essence they never really retire. However from the Church they retire officially at 70 years of age.

How do you commemorate a priest's vast contribution over the years? I have designed (via Zazzle - world leader in print on demand gifts) some commemorative plaques, ornaments, clocks and mugs to honor your Priest who is retiring this year. These Priest gifts are affordable with prices starting from under $15.

How much you spend on your Priest's retirement gift will not be of interest to your Priest. Knowing you appreciate and are thinking of him/her at what may be a very challenging and emotional time is thanks enough. Be sure to also offer a Prayer. All of these personalized Priest keepsake gifts have text template fields for you to add their name, date of ordination, date of retirement, years in service and some scripture, Bible verse of your choosing. You can even add a photo or other image on some of the Priest retirement gifts in this collection.

What to gift a Priest leaving the Parish?

Any of the gifts featured here can be 'edited' to suit other occasions whereby you can honor and commemorate your priest and thank them for their years in service to the religious life. The text template fields allow you to add the wording of your own choice. Gifts for other Clergy - ANY of the Priest gifts featured can be gifted to other clergy as template text fields can be edited for Deacon, Bishop, Pastor, Nun, Vicar etc. Other items associated with Priest Retirement can be accessed via the links and images below:

Your Priest will love these decorative stained glass themed wall clocks which can be personalized with the anniversary details of their Ordination

View The Full Range Here The wall clocks from Zazzle come in two sizes, have a variety of silver and gold themes making them suitable of Silver and Golden Jubilee celebrations. All the text details added are template fields which you can edit yourself online with ease. Whatever the milestone ordination anniversary year your Priest has reached, you can add the years, the milestone, his/her name and any other script as desired. Some clocks feature text template fields which allow you to add a small amount of verse or Biblical Scripture.

Other clocks in the Ordination Anniversary range include plain black and gold or those with other decorative finishes and cross graphics. These gifts are suitable for any clergy member, just edit accordingly.

Other clergy members including Deacon,Pastor, Nun 

I have a growing selection of Catholic, Christianity, Religious Life Gifts in my new Faith Store. There's a vast range of Ordination Anniversary gifts for Priest, Nun, Deacon, Pastor and other clergy members to commemorate the date they were ordained. It's a very special occasion and keepsake gifts are very welcome. All the Ordination Anniversary gifts featured have customizable text fields, for adding names, dates, number of years ordained. Some are specific to the Ordination Anniversary milestone, ie Silver, Golden Jubilee, 25th, 50th. Prices range from as little as $10 (£7) for a custom deck of cards to commemorative watches, leather journals and more. Ornaments are particularly popular for display and can be edited on both sides.

Priest Ordination & Clergy Anniversary Gifts

VIEW ALL Gifts for Priests they will treasure and enjoy There are many occasions when you may wish to buy your Priest, Pastor or Deacon a gift such as ordination, anniversary of ordination (Silver or Golden Jubilee) as well as religious holidays, birthdays and as a thank you. Featured here are some guidelines on great gifts you can buy your Priest that they will enjoy, that commemorate the occasion and that reflect your appreciation. Whether you want to buy a thank you Priest gift, anniversary of Ordination, newly Ordained Priest gift, seasonal or other; the options remain much the same.

Caution! Priests receive a great number of Bibles, Crucifix's, Rosary Beads, Religious Scripture Plaques as gifts. These are very much appreciated by your Priest however due to the volume they receive after a while many such gifts may be shelved, packaged away in storage or re-gifted to other Priests. This is purely a practical thing and not at all a reflection on your lovely gift. You can ensure this fate does not befall your Priest gift by following the guidelines below.

Religious Themed Gifts For Catholic Priests If you want to buy a gift which has religious significance (being mindful of other religious gifts your Priest might receive, here are some alternative choices which are less common and yet very desirable.

Buying a gift for your Priest can be tricky when you know they receive so many at this time of year. Buying them something useful, commemorative and personalized is a good way to ensure your Priest knows how much thought you’ve put into the gift and how thankful you are for their services.
Gifts can be personalized via Print, Engraving, Handmade and Artisan.

Zazzle and Amazon have a good selection of Religious Catholic Christianity themed gifts suitable for Priests and other members of the Clergy including Minister, Pastor, Deacons and Nuns.
If you select one of the above pictured gifts, they can be edited for any clergy member and any occasion, years in service and so on.
Popular gifting occasions for Priests include congratulating them on being newly ordained, anniversary of ordination including milestone anniversaries, 10th, 15th 25th, 50th (Silver and Golden Jubilee) as well as Birthday, Seasonal Christian Holidays and as a Thank You. .

Funny Gifts For Your Priest

Your Priest does have a sense of humor too, so don't be afraid to buy something that is funny. Stay away though from controversial topics which he may find embarrassing. Other suitable gifts include gift certificates, other items related to his/her hobbies. If your Priest enjoys music (many do) an iPod, Musical CD or other music themed gift may be appreciated.

Things to consider when buying your Priest a gift

Hobbies and Interests - Outside of the Church, does he/she have any interests or hobbies that you know of or can find out about? Does your Priest enjoy gardening, reading a certain author, music, fishing perhaps? If they do then a gift that can be used to enhance their enjoyment of these activities will be welcomed.. It will also show you know your Priest well! 

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