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Gift Ideas For Priests Personalized Modern and Unique

For Priest Gift Giving ideas for all occasions, religious and non-religious, traditional or funny read on!

Clergy Gifts - Priest, Bishop, Deacon, Nun

What gifts to buy a Priest?

What you need to know when you are looking for gift ideas for your Priest is that they receive a great many decorative ornaments, religious themed gifts. So many that sadly some may spend their lifetime in storage rather than on display. 

This is not what you want to happen so we need to be creative and think outside the box which is what I have done with the gift ideas for Priests that feature on this page. They include a range of 'practical' themed gifts that your Priest can use! They retain the religious symbolism and decorative features but they can be put to good use by your Priest. Thus avoiding a lifetime spend gathering dust in the basement.

Let's get started on how you select the perfect gift for your Priest. To skip the detail and fast forward to the store ENTER HERE

Priest Gift Giving Occasions

There are lots of occasions when you might want to buy your Priest a gift, these include:

  1. Priest that is newly ordained 
  2. Priest Ordination Anniversary 
  3. Priest Retirement 
  4. Priest Leaving The Parish 
  5. Priest Birthday 
  6. Priest Christmas 
  7. Priest thank you 
  8. Get Well Priest

Things to consider when choosing a gift for your Priest

Priest Ordination Anniversary Gifts   1. Budget

Depending on your budget you could buy something as simple and inexpensive (yet practical) as a personalized keychain (less than $5) which includes commemorative details as required for your gifting occasion. If you want something more substantial you could gift your Priest a personalized, commemorative watch. These are very popular for Priests, always useful and literally 'timeless'. A mid range priced gift would be a religious themed stained glass (print) wall clock with personalized details. View the full range of Priest Gift Ideas Here.

  2. Occasion

Considering the list above of Priest gift giving occasions you will want to choose something that fits that theme, need. For example a Priest Ordination Anniversary gift ideally reflects the number of years the Priest has been ordained, has text template fields to add his name, anniversary dates and a line of Bible scripture or verse as desired. A Priest retirement gift might differ slightly in that you wish to include details of the Parish, a personal message from the ministry and more. If the Priest is celebrating a birthday you may opt for a light-hearted humor gift such as a funny Priest mug or t-shirt.

  3. Interests

Priests do have interests outside of the church and you might like to gift them something that compliments those interests and hobbies. Such gift ideas might include something as simple as a personalized deck of cards with a photo of one of the Priest's favored places of worship. Other interest themed idea include personalized golf club covers (if your Priest enjoys a round of golf). A customized jigsaw puzzle is a great idea for Priest's who enjoy puzzles. Zazzle (world's largest print on demand store) has a wide range of personalized gifts for various sports and activities from ping pong (table tennis) paddles to sportsbags. Any of these with your own custom spin would make a great gift idea for a busy Priest who enjoys his/her downtime.

Priest Gift Ideas

Let's take a look now at some Priest Gift Ideas for specific occasions

  1. Gift Ideas For Newly Ordained Priests

My collection HERE features many gift ideas for newly ordained Priests, pictured below are a few favorites of mine. Meanwhile check out this greeting card for newly ordained Priests.

 New ordained priest plaque newly ordained priest plaque text

This attractive plaque can be gifted to a newly ordained Priest to commemorate the occasion. It features various text template fields for you to add the required details. It also features the following which can also be replaced with scripture, verse of your choosing.

"Tend the flock of God that is in your charge...
And when the chief shepherd appears,
you will win the crown of glory
that never fades away."
1 Peter 5:2,4

This attractive stained glass themed ornament is an inexpensive celebration gift commemorating this very special Ordination occasion. You can edit the details to include name and relevant date.

There are various other designs to choose from in the store HERE. Other decorative ornaments are text only with template fields to add special greeting, Bible verse or scripture etc.

 priest newly ordained greeting card


  2. Gifts ideas for the Anniversary of a Priests Ordination

The anniversary of a Priests ordination is a very special occasion and is usually commemorated whatever the number of years, however there are some special milestone Ordination anniversaries and these are:

Clicking on the links above will take you to a range of Priest anniversary gifts for those milestone years. Most of the gifts featured allow you to edit the number of years ordained, so you use these same gifts for ANY ordination anniversary.

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