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Who is better to date a man with a cat or man with a dog? What are the character differences?

Men With Cats v Men With Dogs - which would you rather date?

Worlds Best CAT DAD Funny karate Judo Cartoon Cat MugMen with cats

Let's do some myth busting re 'guys with cats are creepy' and reveal the truth about this loyal breed of men.To uncover the true nature of a man who loves cats we need only look to the nature of a cat and what a cat demands from their owner.

Cats unlike dogs are NOT loyal servants who will tolerate all manner of bad behavior from their owner and yet still look pleased to see them. NO, your cat if mistreated will avoid you and may even move out assuming they're free to roam. Or they may just move out anyway because they want to. Cats are neither unconditionally loyal nor gullible. To gain a cats trust requires work and to gain their devotion requires respect.

In order for a cat owner (man or woman) to gain their cats devotion they require patience. It has taken one of my cats ( I have 3) 6yrs to decide she trusts me enough and 'likes' me enough to now sit on my lap and in close proximity. She's always been well treated and I've given her the freedom she desired and am now finally seeing my patience paying off! And it was worth it. And I must be very careful to nurture this new status quo and so must not at all make any mistakes lest she go off me again.

So what this says about me and of course any cat loving, owning man is that he is likely to be

  • Patient
  • Respectful of your boundaries and idiosyncrasies
  • Sensitive to your needs
  • Careful to nurture and seek to maintain a happy medium when achieved
  • He won't mind if you sit on his face and nibble his ears in the middle of the night (ooops sorry for that, I couldn't resist!! ;) )
Dating a cat guy you should find them utterly endearing, easy company and attentive. The opposite in nature to a 'cat'.

Men with dogs

Best DACHSHUND Dog Dad Christmas Illustrated Cute Mug

In my case (as a woman) I also have a dog. My dog by comparison to aforementioned moggy was an instant 'fan' a loyal subject,  devoted in every regard; highly sensitive to any criticism and of course protective. I didn't need to do much to achieve this, just brought him home and fed him and I was instantly the love of his life. I don't worry about him 'going off me' if I have a grey day. 

I love my dog, am devoted to him but his nature would lead me to take him for granted. As we all do when we have things too good! And that's a lesson right there for all women, never let your man have it 'too good'. Be like a cat!

Dogs are more responsibility to care for than a cat. They require a greater commitment of time and money and energy. These are the things that are telling about guys with dogs.

So guys with dogs are:

  • Not afraid of responsibility
  • May be more self sufficient (a man of means) themselves providers
  • Respect and reward loyalty
  • Reward good behavior with treats (in a dogs cases that would be biscuits, in yours handbags).

Dating a guy with a dog you should find that unlike the dog, they're independent, they can survive on their own, without you (they have their dog!). They make great providers and enjoy walks. ;)

These are also great points and I myself have no preference to dating a guy with a dog or a guy with a cat, both guys require great qualities to look after their pets. 

All jesting aside, have you dated a cat or dog guy or both? 

Maybe you're already dating or married to a Cat Dad or a Dog Dad, if you are check out these funny cat and dog dad gifts from Amazon. The mugs featured above are available in different styles with various breeds, all customizable. They are great for Father's day!

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