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Create Your Own Crossword Jigsaw Puzzle! Great Fun for 1 or all the family

Crossword Jigsaw - BUY NOW

 Crossword jigsaw game unique idea
Two Games For The Price Of One - Double The Fun!

If you're looking for games to play at home during isolation or lockdown this innovation combining a crossword with a jigsaw puzzle is perfect!

Two games for the price of one and it can amuse a family or an individual. Zazzle and Amazon have a great variety of crossword jigsaw puzzles so take a peep, some are niche and interest themed.

OR -  Make your own crossword jigsaw puzzle!

 crossword jigsaw puzzles1. To get started you need a great idea about what your crossword should be about.

You can create clues about anything that interests you. Here are some fun suggestions.
  • Genealogy themed - add family names, dates and places.
  • Places you have visited and years of travel
  • Your favorite TV shows or music
  • Your hobby or interest - make your own Mastermind Q and A's!
If you have a talent or interest in designing and creating your own crossword puzzle (now you have the time to do so) why not have a go at making your very own unique personalized family, work or hobby themed crossword jigsaw with Zazzle's customizable jigsaw sets.

Here's one I made today - introducing the world's 1st (I assume) Text Speak Tutorial Crossword Jigsaw Puzzle!

I'm not a fan of text speak mainly because I don't know what the abbreviations or the emoji mean, so this crossword has many functions. for people like me it's educational and for everyone else it's fun. 

 Crossword jigsaw Text speak dictionary

2. Create your crossword Q's and A's

I used  CROSSWORDSLAB to create my crossword. It is a free online resource that is really easy to use. You simply write the answer followed by the question in rows. You'll be amazed at how simple it is.

Alternatively here is a simple blank crossword template you can download. You can resize it as needed via this free online image resizing site. This is going to be harder, I know because I tried!

Creating your own crossword jigsaw will be a great challenge that all the family can engage with. Please do show us your awesome crossword creations in comments!

Disclosure: author LeahG is proud to be affiliated with leading brands Amazon, Etsy, Zazzle, Minted, Vistaprint, Moonpig, IWOOT 

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