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Top 20 Sentimental and Funny Farewell 2020 Holidays Cards - Customizable

Lighten The Mood with my Top 20 Farewell 2020 Holidays Cards

I can't wait for this year to be over and I'm 100% sure you feel the same. Let's hope 2021 is filled with normality, good health and peace. That said, we can't let 2020, the year of the Pandemic, Coronavirus, quarantine, lockdowns, wearing face masks go without a nod, a wink and mommento of sorts. 

20 handpicked Funny Christmas 2020 Greeting Cards

Featured here are my top twenty sentimentalfunny, sarcastic, Pandemic, Coronavirus themed Christmas 2020 cards. Slogans and phrases such as 'let's have a do-over, farewell 2020, all I want or Christmas 2020 is (wish list), Hugs in 2021 and more. My top twenty are my own designs as featured on Zazzle. Images and links will take you to the Zazzle product page where you can customize and place your order. As a world leader in print-on-demand paper products with a 100% money back guarantee, you are in safe hands with Zazzle. 

The sales on NOW are amazing, up to 50% off so order early, miss the Christmas rush, save money! Win-Win! I'd love for you to share and pin your personal Christmas 2020 card favs and if you happen to buy one please post your review in comments. Happy Holidays LeahG x

1. Wishing you a Purrrfect Christmas 2020 Funny Sarcastic Cat Card

This is the card I will be sending this Christmas! As cat mom to three furballs, this suits me just fine. Their year has been uninterrupted business as usual for my mogs, but for me this is all I have to say upon reflection. Say no more right!

Order Cats Farewell to 2020 Card Here

2. Christmas 2020 Wish List - Custom Photo Card

This Christmas card is more sentimental than funny, though with an editable text template field you can make it funny if you wish! Just edit the wish list with your own desires for Christmas 2020 and the New Year 2021. On the front you can add a family photo along with greeting, wish list and names and on the reverse you have space to add an annual year in review letter. Colors shown are red and black but they can be changed as can the font style and size etc. Have fun customizing this great Christmas 2020 photo card

Order now to grab that 50% HALF PRICE Sale Bargain!!

3. Modern Peacock Feather Farewell 2020 Holidays Card

Peacocks, their stunning feathers and the colors Peacock blue and green are trending now in 2020 as such this modern spin on the Peacocks feathers shown here in green, blue, pink, yellow and purple is a great theme for this Farewell to 2020 holidays card. Custom text template fields both sides for adding your seasonal greeting, names and annual review letter.

Order Peacock Feather Farewell 2020 Card HERE

4. Let's Have A Do-Over - Modern Christmas 2020 Card - Custom

I have a few different designs featuring the Let's have a do-over' holidays 2020 theme. This is a simple way to acknowledge we want to move on from 2020 as soon as possible and enter 2021 with a positive, healthy and normal lifestyle. Putting the challenges, the stress, the losses and angst behind us. The colors here are salmon pink and blue. Modern graphics of a family decorating a tree. I like these graphics because they're ethnically neutral and suitable or all.

Order Let's Have a Do-Over HERE

Add a family photo to this modern Let's have a do-over, farewell 2020 holidays card. Change the colors to suit your preference. 

Order Let's Have a Do-Over Photo Card HERE

5. Funny 2020 Sucked - Succulents Christmas Card

This is one of my favorites for funny Christmas 2020 cards. Cute Succulents and Cacti in pots decorated with strings of colored lights and the gag line is that 2020 sucked! Yep it sure did (does). As with all my cards, customizable template fields are on both sides so you can add your annual year in review letter also. 

Order 2020 Sucked Christmas Cards HERE

6. Best (NOPE) Okayist Year Ever - 2020 Holidays Photo Card

Best year ever, nope scrub that! Okayist year ever. Send socially distanced wishes to your friends and family for the holidays 2020. Add a family photo and your annual review letter on the reverse. Change the colors to suit your own taste.

Order your Best Okayist Year Ever Photo Card 2020 Here

7. Beautiful Peace, Doves Folkart Holidays 2020 Card

I love this folk art styled graphic. The colors absolutely pop right off that white background. With the handwritten style script this is a stylish card to say Farewell and Peace to 2020 with. Add your annual review letter, names, more to the reverse.

Order Farewell and Peace to 2020 Folkart Card Here

8. All we want for Christmas 2020 are HUGS - cute folkart bear card

This cute bear wearing a winter scarf and getting tangled in the Christmas tree lights (I've been there!) is a very cute way to express your wishes for a return to normality in 2021. List your desires, sentimental or funny on the front and add your annual year in review letter to the back.

Order Christmas 2020 Wish List Folkart Bear Card HERE

9. Let's Have a Do Over - Holidays 2020 Photo Collage Card

10. Ho Ho Ho becomes HOpe HOpe Hope Christmas 2020 Card

11. Cute Wild Animals 2020 Christmas Card

12. Wild Bear 2020 Do Over Holidays Card

13. Funny Catty Christmas 2020 Do Over

14. OH DEER pretty watercolor 2020 Christmas Card

15. OH DEER 2020 What a year!

16. Oh Deer Modern Plaid 2020 holidays card

17. Funny 2020 TREX Dinosaur Christmas Cards

18. It's been a RUFF Year - Dog in facemask

19. Christmas Tree Dogs 2020 holiday cards

2020 A WUFF Year - funny dogs Christmas Card

21. A RUFF Year funny dogs in costume Christmas cards

22. Funny 2020 Christmas Drama Llama Cards

23. Funny Llama Mandala 2020 Peace Christmas Card

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