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World's best Cat Gifts for Cats, Cat Mom and Cat Dads - Personalized. Funny, Cute and Unqiue

Glorious cats pattern .. Kawaii doodle art Neck Tie
Super cute cat doodles tie for cat dads featuring original doodle art by LeahG. 
Space Cat Purple Galaxy Trending 2016 Customized Tie
Cats in space combine two great loves of cat dads ... cats (obvs) and space! Cool cat in pink and purple.

Exotic Shorthair Cat Mom Bone China Personalized Bone China Mug

Gorgeous Exotic cat art for owners of exotics . this pussy cat is chef of the day making jams. Great birthday gift for cat moms and dads who love to cook.

Hygge Mugs Cozy Cat Personalized Pretty Folk Art

This cat-themed gift has a folk art vibe, Scandinavian in style, perfect Hygge Cat gift for cozy days and nights for cat moms and cat dads.

DADS Best Day EVER! PIZZA and Gaming in Dad Pants T-Shirt

What could be a more perfect day than one spent with cats, pizza and gaming! Great gift for cat dads.

Monogram CAT Paws For Thought Journal Notebooks

This customizable journal is available line, half lined and half sketch pad or all sketch pad1 Add a name and punch line and create a unique gift for the cat mom or dad in your life.

Beautifully Illustrated Crazy Cat Lady Customized Mug

What is better than 10 cats? 11 cats of course. This is the perfect gift for a cat mom or dad who can't ever have too many cats! Ideal for crazy cat ladies and men. Add a name to personalize.

Funny Crazy Cat Lady Birthday Card - Look Inside!

Beautifully Illustrated Crazy Baout Cats Cat Mom Throw Pillow Cute Cool Sitting Black Cat with Green Eyes Pet ID Tag
Personalized cat name plate for collar.
Ginger Cat Bowl
Personalized cat food bowl. add a name. Lots more cat breeds, colors and themes to choose from.
Siamese Cat Kitten - Design Own Cards and Gifts Photo Print Persian Blue Cat Kitten Design Own Cards and Gifts Photo Print funny Dear cat, Personalized cat's photo and name Two-Tone Coffee Mug World's Best Cat Dad Blue Paw Print Name Pet Photo Coffee Mug

For information on all things cats, here are some useful articles

Living With Maine Coon Cats

I have always admired cats of any breed for their independence, cleanliness and determination to go their own way. I have 3 elderly cats and decided to adopt a kitten to raise as I had missed the fun that kittens brought to my life. After watching a television show about different breeds of cats I fell in love with the Maine Coon breed and decided that was the kitten I wanted. 

Feral Cats As Part-Time Pets

Feral cats can become part-time pets! And when they do, you will find that they can be as loving and smart as my feral. part-time cat, Jazmin 

How Can Cats Communicate?

Cats are telling us many things each day. Can you figure out what they're "saying?" If not, discover the ways cats communicate here. 

Know All About What and How To Feed Cats 

Eating is the most natural aspect that any creature on this Earth has incorporated into its life. It comes to them naturally. So, if we talk about domestic animals like cats, anything they deem edible goes into their mouths. 

How To Tell If a Cat Loves You

It's often tough to tell what a cat's feelings are. For example, how do you know that a cat loves you? Cats don't talk, so you have to find another way to tell. Here are some tips on getting in touch with your cat's feelings.

3 Reasons to Choose a Good Cat Diet

When‌ ‌you‌ ‌think‌ ‌about‌ ‌your ‌cat's diet,‌ ‌do‌ ‌you‌ ‌think‌ ‌that‌ ‌any‌ ‌food‌ they'll eat ‌must be ‌good‌ ‌food?‌ ‌ Often cheaper cat food has ingredients in it that are unsafe, full of toxic preservatives, humectants, and flavoring agents to entice cat to eat it. Your kitty can't go to the grocery store so it's your job to choose a good cat diet that promotes health - and happiness - for your feline.

Pets - CAT Communication, Behavior and Intelligence And Their Interaction With Humans

The local feline (Felis silvestris catus or Felis catus) is a little, ordinarily hairy, rapacious warm blooded creature. They are frequently called house cats when kept as indoor pets or just felines when there is no compelling reason to recognize them from different felids and cats. They are regularly esteemed by people for camaraderie and for their capacity to chase vermin. 

There are in excess of seventy feline breeds perceived by different feline registries. Felines are comparative in life structures to alternate felids, with a solid adaptable body, fast reflexes, sharp retractable paws and teeth adjusted to slaughtering little prey. Feline detects fit a crepuscular and savage biological specialty. Felines can hear sounds excessively swoon or too high in recurrence for human ears, for example, those made by mice and other little creatures. They can see in close obscurity. Like most different well evolved creatures, felines have poorer shading vision and a superior feeling of smell than people. 

Felines, regardless of being single seekers, are a social species, and feline correspondence incorporates the utilization of an assortment of vocalizations (mewing, murmuring, trilling, murmuring, snarling and snorting) and in addition feline pheromones and sorts of feline particular non-verbal communication.

Preparing to Camp With Your Cat - Essential Tips

Look for a Campsite that Allows Cats People can easily take their cats camping with them just as they would do their dogs but most caravan parks and camping sites do not welcome cats. Therefore, if they plan to camp with their cat, they should contact the place and ask if cats are allowed. In case they are not welcome, they will have to camp in a place far from tourist parks.

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Pet Cat Happier

1.Motivate your pet cat to stay active Most people have overweight problems with their waistlines continuing to expand and sadly, their pets also experience the same issues. According to a current study, about 55% of pet cats nowadays are overweight.

4 Things That Cats Really Hate

Cats Hate Feeling Lonely Many people think that cats are solitary creatures but this is not the case. While cats can be left by themselves longer than dogs, kitties also long for love, attention and companionship just like our other humans or furry pets. When they are left alone for a long, long time, they can become sad, lethargic and even worse, depressed.

Don't Do This to Your Cat - It Might Upset Him

What Makes Cats Unhappy? Cats are among the most popular pets worldwide. This is because they are adorable, playful, funny, and curious as well as low maintenance as compared to dogs and other animals.

This Is Why You Should Adopt a Cat

When people decide on having a pet cat, they are faced with the dilemma of adopting or buying one. They can always buy a kitty from a well-known cat breeder, which is the best option if they are going for a purebred feline. However, there are a number of reasons why a kitten or cat from a shelter or rescue program could be the better choice for them.

37 Random Cat Facts You Probably Did Not Know

zThis artical gives unique cat facts that you didnt know. This really makes you apreciate how wonderful and great cats are.

14 Amazing Facts That Explain Why Tortoiseshell Cats Are The Best Cats To Own

Ok so first of all I maybe a little bias here. My current fuzzy feline companion Kitty is in fact a tortie. I have done some research and was stunned at what I found out about tortoiseshell cats. This is what has inspired me to research and come to the conclusion that I indeed own the best kind of cat. It's not because of her unbreakable loyalty or because of her extraordinary intelligence. Let me explain why a Tortie's tortitude is extraordinary.

Cat Care: How Often Should You Bathe Your Cats?

According to the National Cat Groomers of America, it's advisable to give your cats a bath (with a blow dry) every 4 to 6 weeks to keep their furs clean and shiny as well to avoid having matted or pelted fur. So how often should you bathe cats?

Are Animals Healers? The Healing Power of A Cat's Purr

Don't underestimate your kitty. There's much more to a cat's purr than just pleasure for them and for you... it's their healing superpower!

8 Human Food Not To Feed Your Cat

This human food should not be fed to cats. These foods are toxic to cats. And, You should keep them away from your cats. Why are these 11 human foods toxic to cats?

5 Activities Cats Love to Engage in Whenever They Can

Cats Love To Scratch And Claw It is instinctive of cats to scratch and claw different surfaces as the way of sharpening their claws. Actually, they have lots of fun doing this. In addition to sharpening their claws, scratching can help relax and rejuvenate cats.

What Are Some Favorite Activities of Cats?

Aside from being smart, cats are very perceptive of their surroundings. That is why; they have a lot of likes (as well as dislikes). Most of the time, they love things that are also loved by humans.

What's the Origin of Domestic Cats?

People are confused as to where domestic cats came from. Researchers also argue on the place and time when cats became domesticated. Some of them also say that felines domesticated themselves.

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