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How To Give The Perfect Gift Everytime and Be King and Queen of Gifting

14 Top Tips On Gift Giving

Have you ever had difficulty finding a gift for someone who appears to have everything?

The task of purchasing gifts has never been more difficult, not only because we have so many options, but also because most people already have much of what they require, particularly if they are of a certain age and don't require much in the way of material possessions. Grandparents and a boss are examples of people who fit into this category. Even so, there is always something you can give them that they will cherish, regardless of who they are.

Check out this comprehensive page of gift-giving advice to get you started on your search for the ideal present. It contains excellent suggestions for determining the ideal gift for a specific individual, as well as suggestions for what not to buy! Gift-giving has many different meanings around the world, and we examine some of the gift-giving traditions to ensure that you get it right when gifting family, friends, and business colleagues, among other things. DIY gift ideas, money-saving gift ideas, and, of course, the rules of gifting are all covered!

When purchasing gifts, there are a few things to consider:

  • Who is the lucky recipient of the gift?
  • What is the occasion for the gifting?
  • What is the amount of money you have set aside for gift-giving?
  • What is the cut-off date for gift-giving?
  • What are the likes, dislikes, interests, and passions of the gift recipients?

When it comes to purchasing gifts, these are the most important considerations. Making a thoughtful gift requires knowledge of the factors listed above in order to set a budget and find a gift that you know the recipient will appreciate.

1. The Recipient of the Gift

The type of gift you give will vary depending on the relationship you have with the gift recipient and, in some cases, the gift recipient's cultural background. Consider that you would not purchase the same type of gift for your spouse as you would for your boss or a friend of yours. When it comes to gifting someone in China, there are some items that will bring bad luck to your friend or business partner in that country. (See the following page for rules on gift-giving etiquette around the world.)

2. Occasions for Gift-Giving

The occasion is critical because your gift will frequently be 'occasion-related,' such as for a wedding, anniversary, baptism, or other special occasion. Birthday gifts can be more interest-based, and so having a good understanding of their age, interests, and hobbies is very helpful in selecting birthday gifts. It's possible that you'll need to conduct some additional research.

3. The Budget for Gifts

There are numerous resources available on the internet (see below for our money-saving gift-buying tips) for gifts you can purchase or make yourself that are not only thoughtful and unique, but also do not break the bank. With a medium to large budget, you will have more options, but you do not want to spend a lot of money on something that the gift recipient will not like or enjoy.

4. Gifts that leave a negative impression on the recipient.

There are some situations in which spending more than a certain amount would be considered inappropriate. Consider the following scenario: you spend a lot of money on a gift for your boss or the partner of a friend, which could indicate a romantic relationship or hidden intentions. It's a delicate balance between spending 'enough' and not spending too much at the same time.

5. The Reciprocal Gift-Giving Law

It's important to remember that if you're giving a gift to someone who has little money to spend on a reciprocal gift, you should be aware that an overly generous gift (depending on their relationship to you) could make them feel uncomfortable or force them to feel the need to spend an equal amount, which could put them in debt. Instead of buying gifts, you could arrange to 'trade' favors with others.

6. The deadline for submitting gifts

Given the length of the manufacturing process, it is critical to keep the deadline for giving the gift in mind, especially if you are purchasing a gift that will require customization or personalization, as the manufacturing process may take longer. You should also allow time for delivery, as well as the possibility of returning and redelivering the item if it is faulty or incorrect. When it comes to major gift-giving occasions, you should plan at least 6 weeks ahead of time.

Gifts that are purely ornamental

If your gift is intended to be purely decorative, it is critical to have a clear understanding of how the gift will fit into the recipient's existing d├ęcor scheme at home or at work. If the gift is too flashy for the decor, too modern or too vintage for the gift recipient's tastes, the gift may end up hidden away in a cupboard. If you don't know what you're talking about, avoid giving decorative gifts. If you do, then a coordinated item that can be worn discreetly is preferable for the majority of people.

Gifts with a specific theme of interest

There are a variety of questions you can ask the gift recipient or those who are familiar with them to learn more about their special interests. If you are close to them and know them well, it is likely that you already have a good idea of what they might be interested in.

Ideas for gifts that are related to your interests.


Find out who their favorite author is by talking to them. Is there a specific book that they would like to read? Is there a first edition that they could keep as a keepsake? You can personalize it by adding an inscription or obtaining an autograph to make it even more memorable.


What type of music do they enjoy listening to, and who are their favorite bands, composers, and artists? Look into the most recent releases.


Do they have a favorite artistic style, do they appreciate wall art? If so, consider a poster, print, original painting, or word art in a style that you know will complement their decor and personal taste and preferences.


In terms of fashion designers, high street stores, and online shops, who are their favorites? A gift card from one, or a thoughtfully sourced gift from one, would be greatly appreciated.


Is there anything they collect? Possibly you could add to their collection by acquiring a desired collectible or a book pertaining to their area of interest.


Do they enjoy going to the theater, watching movies, going out to eat, or participating in sports? Consider giving tickets to an event or a gift certificate for an experience day. The concept of spa days is extremely popular among both men and women. We all require time to de-stress and be pampered from time to time. If that's too expensive, how about a gift basket for a spa day?

8. Make Your Own Gifts

If you're into crafts, there are plenty of great books in the library and YouTube tutorial videos on how to make homemade gifts if you're interested.

Exchange  Gifts

If budgets are tight, consider distributing vouchers for 'trading favors.' Perhaps you could offer to mow their lawn, and they might respond by offering to bake you a delicious cake. Whatever your particular skill set is, you can put it to use to help out your friends or family members without having to spend money on gifts or other material things.

Gifts that are unique - Personalized

It is always a good idea to give personalized gifts (and they don't have to be expensive; prices start at less than $5!) For example, a nice set of monogrammed hand towels, a photo watch, a named water flask, and so on might be appreciated by your gift recipient. Check out ZAZZLE for an incredible selection of personalized gifts. Money-back guarantee of one hundred percent.

9. What Gifts to Avoid Buying

When it comes to gift-giving, there are some no-nos to avoid, as well as a set of simple rules to keep in mind in order to avoid making costly mistakes. An "meat" hamper, for example, would be the worst possible gift for a Vegan. Alternatively, alcoholic beverages for a recovering alcoholic or non-drinker. Check out the following list of things to avoid when shopping for gifts:

If you're giving someone alcohol as a gift, make sure you know whether or not they drink it and what they like.

If you're not sure whether something is vegan, vegetarian, or if someone has a food allergy, don't buy it as a gift.

Always keep in mind that some people would only accept ethical, vegan gifts and would not be interested in anything containing animal byproducts.

People who are environmentally conscious may also have gifts on their wish list that they do not want.

Gift etiquette varies from culture to culture; scroll down to see the most important rules in each.

Don't give a gift to your boss, coworkers, employees, or ex-spouse that could be construed as a romantic gesture. Items such as perfume/aftershave, jewelry, and, of course, lingerie would fall into this category. It is not appropriate to purchase something for an acquaintance if you would purchase it for your spouse (as part of a romantic gesture). Your spouse will be dissatisfied, and the recipient will be perplexed as well.

10. Gifts that are risk-free

After reading the foregoing, you might be wondering what you can get for your money. Don't be concerned, there are plenty of safe gift options available. You may not be familiar with the interests and preferences of your gift recipient, in which case you can take a safe bet and give them a gift basket with a theme. You can't go wrong with any of these options. There are so many options to choose from to suit every occasion and taste that it takes the stress out of gift-giving.

And, of course, they appear to be excellent. They are a sophisticated gift that reflects well on the giver. They are also no longer limited to the realms of food, wine, cheese, and chocolate. Sport, movie, spa, and garden-themed gift baskets are just a few of the options available, and gift cards with a general theme are always appreciated. Placing the gift card inside a small gift box that has been beautifully wrapped will make it that much more special. The card can be placed on top of the box after it has been cushioned with gift tissue paper.

Which gifts should you avoid purchasing for your boss?

The relationship between you and the gift recipient is extremely important. When buying a gift for your boss, you would not purchase the same item as you would for your spouse. There are some gifts that may be deemed inappropriate by some, while the same gift may be highly desired by others in the same situation. This is why gift etiquette is important; you need to make sure everything is done correctly. It is likely that a gift for a boss or a coworker (assuming they are not family members or close friends) would have an impersonal feel to it, perhaps even a corporate edge.

That is, it would be formal and not overly sentimental. You wouldn't do it for nothing.

For example, you could purchase perfume and red roses for your female boss or a female coworker. It is possible that they will get the wrong impression or the right impression if you are attempting to tell them that you love them. For bosses and coworkers, funny work-related gifts or personalized office supplies are excellent choices for gifts.

12. How to save money when buying gifts for family and friends

Purchase from end-of-season sales to use for the following season. After Christmas, keep an eye out for unwanted gifts that appear in thrift and charity stores.

Host a gift swap party where you can re-gift.

Gift Sales - Purchase at the end of the season to use the following season!

Even if the event or holiday season is a long way off, it's worth keeping an eye out for a sale on the gift item you're looking for at one of the stores I prefer (for example, Zazzle), which frequently has gift and accessories sales with discounts of up to 60% off the regular price. I personally take advantage of gift sales on a regular basis.

Many of my Christmas gifts, for example, are purchased during the January sales, eleven months ahead of time! 

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