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I'm delighted to welcome you to my gift-finding blog. I personally source and curate lists of popular themed gifts from leading brands, in addition to designing and crafting my own gifts and sharing tutorials to help you save money and have fun with gift giving. I also promote fellow Zazzle Creatives, details here of how you can apply to be featured. Affiliate Links Disclosure: If you happen to find the perfect gift after following a link from here (we hope you do) we might earn a small fee for making it happen. Enjoy.

How To Get A FREE Promotional Feature On This Gift Blog - Zazzle Creators, Designers

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100xGifts® is an officially registered brand. If you would like to be a featured Zazzle Designer, Creator on this gift blog. You can apply here by simply adding your store link and a bio introducing yourself. I will do the rest! Full details here on the Zazzle Community Forum.

How do I promote you and your products?

  • I go through your store and HANDPICK a few items that I believe will appeal to customers at this time of year. I'll then make a collection of them to feature here. As a Gold Pro Seller with over ten years of affiliate marketing experience, I have a good idea of what will appeal.
  • I will go over your bio content and make any necessary spelling and grammar corrections. I am not an expert (errors may be made) but this is to reassure those with English as a second language that they can submit content without fear of error on their part.
  • I'll design an eye-catching display for the blog post.
  • I will widely publicize the feature on Twitter, Facebook Groups, and Pages, and all images will be added to Pinterest. It would be helpful if you could also share the post.
  • My affiliate links will appear in the content, but you will receive a royalty on any sales I refer.

    As you can see a LOT of work goes into this. All you need to do is write no less than 200 words about yourself and your art, design and submit the details here.

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    1. Hi Leah -- I'm the golf lady -- interesting -- the towels, mugs and matching golf balls seem to have found happy homes based on your publishing. Perhaps we can try again with a whole different theme one of these days. Thanks, Vivian (Charm Design Studio on Zazzle)


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