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New! Personalized Goldfish Themed Gifts and Accessories for Kids and Adults by Victor Solano Zazzle Creator.

goldfish throw pillowgoldfish throw pillow

goldfish T-Shirtgoldfish T-Shirt

Customizable Goldfish fashion, accessories and decor! 

If you are a Goldfish mom or dad, you will love this collection of customizable Goldfish gifts, accessories and home decor items. Not forgetting t-shirts, in all sizes and styles for kids and adults alike. Add a name to peronalize and create a unique goldfish keepsake gift. 

Zazzle Creator Bio 

Victor is a Dominican Republic-based self-taught drawer and painter. He's been interested in it since he was a child, and he's been honing his knowledge and skills over time. He doesn't have a specific topic of interest or inspiration to draw and paint at the moment, but he loves kittens and still life and is open to new techniques and experiments. Victor, too, does not have color preferences; he is a "wide spectrum" artist. 

The majority of Victor's work on his store is done digitally, using simple programs. However, the other small, but significant, part is handcrafted using various techniques such as oil over canvas, pastel, and pencil draw. He particularly enjoys oil on canvas and intends to incorporate it into his store on a regular basis. Another technique he enjoys is drawing with color pencils on medium granulated paper. Despite Victor's main profession as a biologist, he aspires to continue growing as an artist, and he does not shy away from taking academic courses to do so, as well as participating in expositions and arts encounters. A small selection of this amusing artist's work can be found in Victor's store. With a wide range of topics and colors; but all of it is greatly appreciated. He truly hopes you enjoy it.

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