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I'm delighted to welcome you to my gift-finding blog. I personally source and curate lists of popular themed gifts from leading brands, in addition to designing and crafting my own gifts and sharing tutorials to help you save money and have fun with gift giving. Disclosure: This page's links will take you to useful products and resources. Some are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission (at no cost to you) if you click through and later make a purchase.

How to Make Money as a Zazzle Affiliate The Easy Way - I provide ALL THE TOOLS you just need your referral code, copy and paste skills and off you go!

How to make money as a zazzle affiliate

I, LeahG (soon to be Platinum Pro Seller at Zazzle) have spent YEARS building up my product inventory, mastering Design skills and marketing and promoting my own designs. If you are NEW to Zazzle, or have less time to create your own products you may find you make MORE MONEY FASTER as an affiliate!

My affiliates make MORE per product they refer than I make in royalties per product sold. 

My royalties are super low, less than 10% with many at 5% making them great value for customers looking for a budget bargain. YOU as an affiliate make nothing less than 15%

Why Promoting My Zazzle Products Makes Sense

First off, you can promote ANYTHING you want on Zazzle and I am happy for you to do so. Make as much money as you can by affiliate marketing as many creators as often as you can! Here's why promoting my products makes sense:

1. I have highly saleable products

These are my earnings from March 2022 - May 2022. I sold over 3000 products in April alone. 


2. I keep my Royalties LOW - less than 10%, many 5% ensuring you can offer great value to your target audience




I provide THE TOOLS you need to make affiliate marketing for Zazzle easy! All you need to do is copy and paste, add your own affiliate code and start sharing.


    zazzle affiliates program
  • I create custom banners available via Pinterest for products and collections ready to share on your social media accounts, website and blogs 
  • I provide the text describing the product for you to copy and paste
  • I provide the hahstags you need to get your banner ad higher visibility

The only skills you need are:

  • Downloading and saving images
  • Copying and pasting text
  • Sharing to your social media (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook).

Access my Zazzle products HERE and my affiliate tools via this PINTEREST account where I will share latest products with promotional banners, text and hashtags for you to utilize for sharing, all you do is download the banners, copy and paste the text and hashtags adding your own referral link! This is MUCH more likely to result in a sale than simply sharing products direct from Zazzle!

I will be creating even MORE TOOLS for affiliates in the coming weeks!

Fast Access Guide -Let's Get Started

1. REGISTER for the Zazzle Affiliate Program HERE via Ascend  or HERE via Zazzle

2. Register with PINTEREST Here

          3. Follow my Pinterest Board for Affiliates for Pin Banners


Once you have done these 3 things you are ready to start your affiliate marketing career!

  • Copy the text I provide (or add your own) with hashtags including #ad
  • Create a pin/post on Pinterest / Facebook / Twitter by uploading my banner image
  • Add the title, description including hashtags and #ad
  • Add the product page link with your own zazzle affiliate referral code
  • I am here to offer support and answer questions ... just drop me a line via Zazzle Message 

To take things a step further you can set up a blog or website and take affiliate marketing to a whole other level. To learn more about affiliate marketing view Zazzle's Handbook HERE.

FOLLOW my PINTEREST Page for the BANNER ADs, TEXT and Hashtags you need to get started.



    I have just added 3 new Banners via Instagram re rustic wedding invitations. 3 different banners. They each include the text along with the collection link and hashtags you may wish to use. Don't forget to add your own affiliate referral code when sharing any links along with #ad.

  2. ZAZZLE AFFILIATE BANNERS UPDATE: DOG Mama and Dog Papa Gifts! New Banner Here: The Best Therapists have Paws gift mugs featuring various dog breeds - watercolor illustrations and modern typography.

  3. ZAZZLE AFFILIATE BANNER UPDATE: CAT MAMAS AND PAPAS GIFTS - New Banner The Best therapists have paws, beautifully illustrated cat mugs for cat parents.

  4. CHIHUAHUA Gift Mugs Banners Cute personalized Chihuahua mom and dad mugs

  5. Hi Leah, I am a Zazzle designer and promote my products through pinterest. I have not had much success but I would like to continue promoting Zazzle products. In your experience, what is the best platform to use (blog or pinterest or instagram). Thank you for sharing your success, it helps me see that I don't have to give up.

    1. Hi I would do as much as you have time for and be patient because it does take time to build an audience. Facebook is a great vehicle if you have a page or a group that is interested in the subject matter / theme of what you want to promote. If blogging then having a niche and building on that with content people might be looking for is a good way to go. I use Pinterest a lot but I'm not sure how effective that is. But it certainly comes up a lot in search engine results.