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I'm delighted to welcome you to my gift-finding blog. I personally source and curate lists of popular themed gifts from leading brands, in addition to designing and crafting my own gifts and sharing tutorials to help you save money and have fun with gift giving. Disclosure: This page's links will take you to useful products and resources. Some are affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission (at no cost to you) if you click through and later make a purchase.

Unique Gift Ideas For Men - Practical, Fun and Personalized

Personalized, Unique and Interest Themed Gifts For Husband, Dad, Boyfriend and more. 

Featured here are my gift ideas for men. I've included in my gift guide a wide variety  of gifts that will appeal to lots of different age ranges and relationship types. Please add your gift idea suggestions in comments as I'm always keen to learn what makes the perfect gift for a man, teenage boy, boyfriend, boss etc. Creative ideas for gifts for men as well as unique and funny gift ideas are encouraged as trends change so do men's interests and tastes, so we need to get this gift buying guide for men down! Let's make it rad!

Click on the images or ENTER here to view unusual personalized, customizable gifts for men available via top print on demand merchant ZAZZLE. Page down for my selection of Amazon gifts for men for specific guys such as grandpa, husband, dad, brother son, teenage boy, baby boy and more. Lots of gift occasions are covered here including birthday, Christmas, retirement, Father's day gifts and lots more.

Dear DADDY Poem From Toddler GiftsFathers Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is a busy time of year with women buying gifts for their husband from the kids or the kids are old enough to choose the gift themselves. Either way featured here is a wide selection of gifts for the best, greatest, most awesome, rad and cool dads in the world!

You can select a graphic theme you know your dad will enjoy and edit the words shown to reflect your own chosen Father's Day message of love.

These Father's day poem gifts are perfect gifts to dad from their son or daughter who is a toddler. Click on the images to view this adorable 'hold my hand daddy' poem in full. It includes an adult and toddler sized handprint.

Father's Day is your chance to show your father that he's the best dad in the world! Honor your papa with a funny Father's Day personalized mug, world's greatest or number 1 dad t-shirt, a photo gift which incorporates his favorite sport or hobby such as a persnalized photo baseball, basketball, golf ball.

These dad themed neon look wallclocks are great for the dads who have their own mancave whether it be a converted garden shed, conservatory, spare room, garage, loft (attic) or basement space. They look great and be customized further. Loads to choose from, view them all by clicking the images.

DAD Gifts - World's Best, Greatest
DAD Gifts - World's Best, Greatest

Always popular for birthday, Christmas, holidays and Father's day are t-shirts and mugs with the 'world's greatest, best coolest, most rad' written on them! 

These type of gifts are great for the men in the family  ie dad, grandpa, Godfather, uncle, son, nephew, cousin as well as for co-workers and boss. You can change the text as required.

Grillmaster men who love to BBQ will love the personalized aprons.

 photo collage gifts man dad husband grandpaPhoto Gift Ideas For Men

You might also be looking for a gift idea for grandpa from the grandchildren in which case a sentimental photo collage gift featuring the grandkids is a great idea which any grandfather would be proud to receive.

There are lots of great photo gifts for men on Amazon. The mugs are always super popular but you can step out the box and gift a photo baseball or pingpong paddle which is unique and unusual! Gifts for men aren't so hard afterall are they :) not when you have this much choice!

Mens Photo Watch - Add Name - SEE SALES NOW ON!!
Photo watches for men which hold a photo of a new baby, their wife or parents, a whole family photo are great sentimental keepsake gifts for men. There are lots of watch styles to choose from with metal straps or leather, plastic for sporty types.

You can add text and a photo to many of these personalized watches for men. They make great retirement and anniversary gifts.

Photo watches are also great gift ideas for colleagues or co-workers. Swap the photo with a a company logo, brand image instead.

Mens Photo Watch - Add Name
Best Boss Gifts

Male Boss Gift Ideas

What boss doesn't want to be told they are great? These world's greatest boss mugs and other gift items will always be well received, personalized with their name. Flattery will get you everywhere!

Great gift ideas for a male Boss man include mugs, desk nameplates, personalized pens and other stationery items and if they like golf, a monogrammed golfers towel, personalized golf club covers and more. All available via Zazzle!

Gift Ideas for Male Co-worker, Colleague

This range of funny and sarcastic mugs, tshirts, keychains are deal for colleagues who are leaving, going to a new job.

You want to say farewell, goodbye in a way they remember. You can do that with these - some of them will crack you up!!

Examples of funny quotes include: Good luck finding a co-worker as great as me, P*ss off to your new job then!
Cool T Shirts for Men

Funny Quote Gifts For Men - Tshirt

Men love t-shirts and these t-shirts have some trending quotes on them, ideal for husband, boyfriend, dad or Grandpa. Pick a theme they're interested in and add your own funny text or buy as is!

Good occasions to gift a funny t-shirt are retirement, a milestone birthday (50th - over the hill) and for stag do (bachelor) parties etc.

Personalized Gift Ideas For Men

What do you gift the man who has everything? How about something he already has, maybe it's a bit worn but this time it has a monogram, name, brand logo on it making it that bit special.

These sports bags are just one of the man gift items for men that you can personalized to turn them into unique and treasured gifts.I bet your husband doesn't yet have a personalized golf ball! Check out Zazzle and he soon will (assuming of course he plays golf).

  Artisan Made Gifts For Men

Artisan Gifts For Men

Featured via the image link above are a range of artisan and handmade gift items that can be personalized with engraved text and printed or embossed text.

Lots of wonderful, stylish gift ideas for men, whether it be a gift for your dad on Father's day; a colleague, boss or co-workers leaving or retirement gift; a birthday gift for your husband, adult son or brother etc.

Lots of great gifts for men that are practical as well as decorative and commemorative. Gifts include personalized leather wallets and drinks coolers, engraved cuff-links, monogrammed passport holder covers and coasters and more.

Artisan Gift Ideas For men - Personalized

 funny gamer gaming tshirt i paused my game to be here

Gamers, Gaming Gifts For Men and Boys

Men and boys enjoy their gaming, whether it is xbox, ps4 and goodness knows what else, they're obsessed. I know my teenage son is. The game of the moment appears to be 'Fortnite'. Killing and Zombies is always a popular gaming theme.

That said, my son also enjoys building and Minecraft satisfies that urge to be a little more creative. There is a learning component to gaming if as a mum you're worried they spend too much time gaming.

My son has been encouraged to learn game design, programming and I hope one day his mad passion for gaming will be his career. If however you are a gaming widow and are married to a mad gamer husband, you can delight him by helping to create his own gaming den. Convert a spare room, the conservatory or even (ideally for noise pollution) a garden shed .... as far away from the house as possible!

These men get so noisy when they are gaming don't they especially if they're live talking to other gamers. Check out the latest gaming gadgets, games and stuff (I don't know what it is!!) from Amazon here.

Gadget Gifts For Men

Men and boys love their gadgets. Whether it be for DIY, listening to music, watching TV or for sports they appreciate the latest technology gifts and anything that makes life easier and more interesting! I'm quite behind technology wise compared to my kids who talk to 'Alexa' and have her changing lights and putting on music and goodness knows what else. I will show interest when Alexa can vaccuum and make the dinner! EDIT: My son has just informed me 'she can' ... whaaaaat? Apparently she can be hooked up to a vaccuum via bluetooth. Ok, I need to check this out!! Meanwhile here are some awesome gadget gifts for men and boys and just maybe one for mom ;)

Personalized Keepsake, special occasion gifts for Sons

Gift your son something they can keep for a special commemorative occasion/ Add their name, date and a special message.

Gifts for Brother- Personalized

Your brother is one of a kind. Show him how much you love and appreciate him with one of these awesome best brother ever gifts. For alternative gift ideas consider your brothers age, his interests and your budget to decide on a suitable gift. A sentimental gift from bro to bro or from sister to brother might be something engraved or personalized with printed text. This could be anything from a beer class to a leather wallet.

Gifts for Grandpa- Personalized

Granpa's love gifts from their grandchildren that include photos of themselves (grandchild) or their own artwork, and that is regardless of whether the grandson or granddaughter is a child or an adult! To your grandfather you will always be young. Outside of this they enjoy gifts which compliment their interests and that might be a new fishing rod, some carpentry tools, a book on gardening. If they enjoy music an updated music device. They get a lot of socks and slippers so think outside the box this year!


Funny Coding T-Shirts and Mugs - page down for customizables

 I see dead pixels funny coding mug programmers
I SEE DEAD PIXELS - Funny Programmer Coder Gifts Mug

They don't even know they're dead - Funny coffee mug for programmers and coders. Gift to friends, family, colleagues, coworkers for Birthday, Christmas, Retirement, Leaving, Farewell. Male or female this is a funny coder 'in-joke' a play on the words of the famous Film starring Bruce Willis.

Also featuring this design are t-shirts and other mug styles.
Funny coding SUPERHERO graphic tshirts and gifts for Programmers, Coders, Computer nerds, geeks who are friends, family, coworkers, colleagues, boss. Gift for birthday, Christmas as a thank you, retirement, graduation or as a leaving, new job, farewell gift. You can change or add the text using the 'customize' tab. Great gift for male, female, man or woman coder.

 its not a bug its a feature funny programmer tshirt
Worlds Greatest PROGRAMMER -
Funny Gifts for male or female Computer Programmers 
with a funny cartoon graphic which reads 'It's not a bug it's a feature'.

  • Is This The Real Life Coding Programming Color Hoodie (Zipper)
  • Merchant:Redbubble
  • Description:Hoodie (zipper). Javascript Syntax, Colored with Sublime Text colors. Take a closer look. See if you get it.This t-shirt makes a great gift - present- for programmers, coders, IT ers, geeks, nerds and software and web developers with a sense of humor and
  • Price: $48.00
  • It's Not a Coding Bug It's a Programming Feature Unisex T-Shirt
  • Merchant:Redbubble
  • Description:Unisex t-shirt. Writing code is like painting....they aren't bugs, they're happy little mistakes. Call it a feature, even! Great gift or tee for your favorite computer programmer, software developer, or code monkey.
  • Price: $19.03
  • Debugging Definition T-shirt Programmers' Coding Gift Tee Mug
  • Merchant:Redbubble
  • Description:11oz ceramic mug. Debugging Definition T-shirt is an amazing gift for every programmer, software engineer, developer and coding maniac out there. The IT sector needed this for all of its computer scientists and geeks out there. Here it is!
  • Price: $16.25
  • Is This The Real Life Coding Programming Color Women's Fitted Scoop T-Shirt
  • Merchant:Redbubble
  • Description:Fitted scoop neck t-shirt. Javascript Syntax, Colored with Sublime Text colors. Take a closer look. See if you get it.This t-shirt makes a great gift - present- for programmers, coders, IT ers, geeks, nerds and software and web developers with a sense of
  • Price: $29.50
  • Coding Legging
  • Merchant:Redbubble
  • Description:Printed legging.
  • Price: $34.33
  • Is This The Real Life Coding Programming Color Classic T-Shirt
  • Merchant:Redbubble
  • Description:Classic t-Shirt. Bugs from previous version fixed! Javascript Syntax, Colored with Sublime Text colors. Take a closer look. See if you get it. This t-shirt makes a great gift - present- for programmers, coders, IT ers, geeks, nerds and software and web d
  • Price: $19.90
  • Keep Calm And Trade Crypto Coins Programming Coding T-Shirt Classic T-Shirt
  • Merchant:Redbubble
  • Description:Classic t-Shirt. If you're not calm, keep calm trade crypto currency, in Javascript Syntax!Great gift - present- for programmers, coders, software and web developers who know the future lies in trading cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum! HODL to the
  • Price: $19.90
  • CSS Coding Ninja Women's T-Shirt
  • Merchant:Redbubble
  • Description:Women's t-shirt. Careful master ninja, your code is exposed! color: black visibility: hidden. Perfect gift or shirt for programmers wise in the ways of ninjutsu and martial arts.
  • Price: $20.33
  • I'd rather be coding t shirt
  • Merchant:Zazzle
  • Description:This customizable I'd rather be coding t shirt is designed on the tshirt and would interest those who like coding, t shirt, nerd, geek, and coder stuff.
  • Price: $22.95
  • Debugging Definition T-shirt Programmers' Coding Gift Tee Poster
  • Merchant:Redbubble
  • Description:Poster. Additional sizes are available. Debugging Definition T-shirt is an amazing gift for every programmer, software engineer, developer and coding maniac out there. The IT sector needed this for all of its computer scientists and geeks out there. Here
  • Price: $11.39
  • Programming Symbols (Coding Literacy) Poster
  • Merchant:Redbubble
  • Description:Poster. Additional sizes are available. A fancy poster to support literacy and concept management in programming detailing the most commonly used symbols (in any language) and what they are used for.Useful for GCSE Computing, AS and A2 Computing, Computer
  • Price: $12.36

Gifts For Men That Start With Letter N

Secret Santa or just crazy about the letter N - there's a great list of affordable budget, novelty and serious gift ideas here for men beginning with the letter N! So whether it's for a coworker, colleague or boss, friend, school teacher or other, there will be something here for him!

Check out the most popular and trending N letter gifts via Amazon and my list below

  • Nail Clippers (Good practical gift, cheap - great stocking filler)
  • Nail Manicure Kits (quality practical gift item)
  • Nail Brush
  • Nose holders for spectacles, glass (great fun novelty item)
  • Newspaper (brilliantly cheap novelty gift idea!)
  • Nit comb (another funny joke gift idea, very cheap, bargain price
  • Neck tie (great idea - can be novelty or nice)
  • Nutcracker (ideal for Christmas)
  • Nectarine (ultra cheap gift beginning with letter N)
  • Notebook (useful gift idea starting with N)
  • Notepad
  • Nightlight (see the cool guitar shaped one from Amazon)
  • Novel - playing fast and loose with gifts starting with letter N with this one
  • Nightshirt (one for the dads)
  • Nipple novelty gifts
  • Nautical themed gifts - socks, accessories, paper items
  • Nude body shot glasses (see Amazon below)
  • Necklace - named - two n gifts for price of one!
  • Nerf Gun - fun 'n' letter gift for men who want to be boys
  • Nerd Trivia card game (you can play this one at work)

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